Its Official - Marc Anthony and Raffaella Modugno are now a Couple!!
Miami Music Meets Italian Model and the romance is hot! Its been officially confirmed that Marc Anthony Muniz is in a relationship with Raffaella Modugno the 29 year old Italian super model for Prada. Will the couple soon be known as: Marm?  Short for M(arc) A(nthony) R(affaella) M(odungo).  The photo provided by Oggi magazine shows the couple together cuddling on a yacht and partaking in the ritual of Hookah toking also known as Nargilah in Turkey.  While Marc is 48 and she is 29 their relationship does stand a good chance based on the fact that both come from Latin backgrounds where its customary for the man to be older than the woman. If they come together successfully and get married will Marm have a median age of 38 or 39?  You do the math!!  We at Mondo Italiano think they are a match made in heaven!
marc anthony with raffaella from Italy